The 14th Annual Chicago Disability Pride Parade
Love is Disability Pride
Date: July 22, 2017

Sponsor / Contribute to the parade

Please read the Benefits of Sponsoring first.

Liability Insurance or Not?

The minimum sponsorship donation for groups that do not qualify as a community support is $350.00.  Such groups must also have liability insurance that covers their activities at Daley Plaza. 

No matter the level of sponsorship you choose, If you believe your current liability insurance will cover your Daley Plaza activities, please contact our Logistics Coordinator, Henry Malone, at 708-415-5557 or email We will work with the City of Chicago to confirm that the insurance does meet the City requirements.

Please send your website's logo to so it can be included on OUR website.  We will record your donation for you.  If you do not have appropriate insurance you can be covered under our policy for an additional $35.00 fee, which can be paid on our website or added to your sponsorship amount by check.

Sponsor by check

If you wish to pay by check complete the online form, THEN PRINT THE FIRST PAGE using your browser's file/print feature.  Please include this printed page of information with your check.

Make the check payable to The Disability Pride Parade Association and mail it and the printed information page to: 

The Disability Pride Parade Association
% Bill Thomasson
40 E. Chicago Ave suite 231
Chicago, IL 60611

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